The Intricate Illustrations Of MANABU IKEDA

I think the old saying goes “patience is a virtue”. Well Japanese illustrator Manabu Ikeda has mastered the phrase , and made it work to his advantage. With only an acrylic pen, a blank paper canvas twice his size, and years of time Manabu Ikeda creates extremely detailed master pieces. Working 8 hours a day in sections of four inches, Ikeda grabs his acrylic pen and goes to work. The time-consuming method allows Ikea to freestyle his ideas; drawing from his ever-growing imagination to create a completely unpredictable, wildly adventurous   illustration. The most amazing part about these wall size illustrations is the activity that takes place within the piece . Although the most famous piece of his is the most recent titled “History Of Rise And The Fall” (below)  My favorite piece is “The Ark ” (image above) filled with spiraling tree roots that wrap around houses , small colorful towns embedded inside cliffs, towering buildings and neighborhoods that make up one big modern living space and that’s just the outer shell. If you look through a few of the crater size holes you can see  that there are golden cities on the inside. It’s like a planet inside a planet . Amazing! You can stare at these Ikeda’s pieces for days and find something new with every look. You can check out more work from Ikeda via his online profile from the Mizuma Art Galley  or read more about him in his interview with Hi-Fructose Magazine.

MANABU IKEDA03 The Intricate Illustrations Of MANABU IKEDAo MANABU IKEDA 02 The Intricate Illustrations Of MANABU IKEDA